Print both vibrant and waterproof labels on the same machine

The Afinia Label L501 has Duo Ink Technology, designed to use both pigment and dye inks to create waterproof and highly vibrant labels. Powered by HP thermal inkjet technology, this dual-ink feature uses separate CMYK cartridges and allows for a quick transition from vibrant and colorful prime, to ultra-durable and waterproof label applications with a simple printhead swap.

Premium Matte Labels

Premium white matte paper labels are economical yet produce great retail display labels where a
matte look is desired. The label resists fading, abrasion, smudging and incidental moisture contact.

 Suggested applications
– Barcode labels
– Box labels for consumer  product
– Parts assembly Labels
– Shelf-edge Labels in Retail
– Pharmaceutical Labels
– Sample labels in Healthcare
– Shipping/freight labels

High Gloss Labels

Glossy paper labels provide shine desired for primary display labels. Offers high abrasion resistance
and great moisture-resistance. Permanent adhesive meets FDA requirements for incidental food

 Suggested applications
– Barcode labels
– Box labels for consumer  product
– Food Labels
– Gift Labels
– Supplements
– Cosmetics

Synthetich Matte Labels

Synthetic labels have a wide service temperature and excellent abrasion resistance in dry conditions.
Receptive to pigment and dye inks. Excellent label for warehousing and other industrial applications
where low temperature may be encountered and where tear-resistance and abrasion resistance are

Suggested applications
– Pharmaceutical Labels
– Wine Labels
– Frozen Foods
– Sauces
– Dairy Products
– Juice labels

PE Labels

White PE labels are ideal for printing GHS Labels that must meet the BS5609 standard. Permanent
general purpose adhesive adheres well to a variety of substrates. Tolerates service temperatures from
-40°C – 149°C

 Suggested applications
– GHS chemicals
– Pharmaceutical Labels
– Laboratory Labels
– Cleaning Detergent labels.

BOPP High Gloss Labels

High Gloss White BOPP labels provide durability and abrasion resistance and are ideal for
photographic images required on primary display labels which must resist moisture and other

Suggested applications
– Juice Labels
– Water Labels
– Frozen Foods
– Dairy Products

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